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Public Safety Department Investigating Arson Case Downtown

Daniel Prince

Boxes set on fire beside liquor store

The Union Public Safety Department is investigating an arson case downtown. Early Thursday morning, Cpl. Robert Hope responded to the corner of East Academy Street and North Gadberry Street for a report of an intentional fire at the liquor store there. Hope arrived on scene and talked to the building’s owner, who stated that someone told him a fire had started at the side of the building before 6:00 that morning. The witness said boxes had been on fire and the witness put them out shortly before 6 a.m. The witness was not on scene when Hope arrived. Cpl. Hope took pictures of the burned boxes and noticed damage to a vending machine that was no longer working. There was also damage to the bricks on the side of the building where the vending machine was. A report was done and forwarded to investigations for follow-up.

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