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Public Safety Finds Drugs, Weapons in Vehicles at Apartment Parking Lot

Daniel Prince

Suspects ran away; vehicles towed

Close to midnight Saturday, Sgt. Bryan Shaver was notified by PFC Cody Nations that a large group of black male subjects were hanging out in the parking lot of Union Mill Crossing apartments at 120 North Boyce Street. Nations said he saw them as he patrolled the area. Shaver and Nations met at City Park and decided to do a walk-through of the property since there had been a shooting incident there earlier and there had been several issues at the apartments with people hanging out.

As Nations and Shaver entered the drive to the apartments, they noted several black males standing around a black BMW, a silver Honda Accord, and a black Lexus. They saw the males flee the location on foot, running in the direction of Keenan Oaks Apartments. The officers got out of their vehicles and began their walk-through of the property. Upon checking around the vehicles, they found a lime and gray backpack lying on the ground next to the BMW. They noted a set of teal and orange digital scales and a cigar wrapping lying on the trunk of the BMW, along with an empty cigar package. PFC Hill then arrived and picked up the backpack. Inside, he found a loaded AR magazine along with two liters. While officers were looking around the vehicles, they noted an AR rifle and a black Glock handgun with an extended magazine lying behind the driver’s seat of the BMW. They also saw a plastic bag with a white pill lying in the center console area of the vehicle, a set of digital scales lying on the passenger seat, a large bag of a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana in a clear plastic bag under the driver’s seat, and a large amount of cash in the driver’s side door. Officers noted there was an AR rifle lying in the back seat of the Honda Accord along with money lying around inside. They also saw a small clear plastic bag containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana in the center console area of the Honda Accord, and they saw a pistol round on the ground near the rear tire of the Honda Accord.

The officers ran the tags of the vehicles and got the information. Investigator Jerome Beatty was contacted and arrived on the scene. Since the vehicles were locked, no inventory of the items inside was conducted. The vehicles were towed to a secure location. The evidence found outside the vehicles were gathered. The investigation is continuing.

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