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Public Safety Investigates Counterfeit Bills Passed at Walmart

Daniel Prince

Nine fake $20 bills used to buy groceries

Wednesday evening, Cpl. Matthew Voiselle responded to Walmart and spoke with Walmart Coach Jeremy Howard about counterfeit bills. He said just after 8 p.m., a female came through the line and bought groceries. He stated she used $180 in fake $20 bills to pay for the groceries. He gave the bills to Voiselle to check, and they were fake. Howard stated he did not wish to press charges, but he did want the woman placed on trespass notice from the store if she could be identified. Cpl. Voiselle and Cpl. Harris looked at a photo of the suspect but could not identify her. The woman’s photo was printed and shared with the department in hopes of identifying her. The fake bills were placed into evidence and marked for destruction. The case has been sent to investigations.

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