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Public Safety Investigates House, Vehicle Break-ins on North Mountain Street

Daniel Prince

Wallet stolen from house, nothing reported stolen from vehicle

The Union Public Safety Department is investigating a couple of break-in incidents on North Mountain Street that occurred Monday morning. Sgt. Dean Allen was dispatched to 209 North Mountain Street for a break-in. Dispatch told him that a male subject was inside the house, but before he arrived on scene, he was informed the man had run out the back door. Allen asked that a K-9 unit from the Union County Sheriff’s Office be dispatched to the scene. Allen and other officers arrived on the scene to gather information and set up a perimeter for a K-9 track. A beige wallet was reported stolen from the residence. It contained a Social Security card, food stamps card, Medicaid card, a bank card, driver’s license, and approximately $65 in cash.

Down the street at 221 North Mountain Street, a man reported that someone had been inside his vehicle. He said he saw a few items in the back seat that were normally stored in the glove compartment. He noted that nothing appeared to have been taken from the vehicle. Sgt. Scott Hood told the man he would write a report for the incident due to the fact that a residence had been broken into that same morning. The investigation into both incidents is continuing.

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