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Public Safety Investigates Two Incidents on North Mountain Street

Daniel Prince

Car break-in, car vandalism investigated

The Union Public Safety Department is investigating a couple of incidents that occurred on North Mountain Street. On Thursday, Sgt. Fleming was dispatched to a residence there for a car break-in. The woman who lives there reported that sometime last Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, someone had entered her vehicle, which was parked in front of the house, and took her purse. She stated there was an Amazon Fire tablet in the purse. The tablet was pink with a white case with colorful trees on it. She also had prescribed medication in it, which she had discontinued using because she was pregnant. She stated her doorbell camera did not capture the incident. The case has been turned over to investigations.
A man on the same street twice reported that his vehicles were vandalized. Early Wednesday morning, he stated he heard a commotion outside at around 3 a.m. He looked out and saw four black male juveniles around middle school age in front of his residence. Later that morning, he noticed someone had damaged his Honda Civic. He stated he did not see the kids damage the car, but he believed they were involved. On Thursday evening, he called Public Safety again and stated that his silver car and his beige SUV had been vandalized a second time. He stated he came outside that evening and saw a group of black juveniles messing with his vehicle. He stated one was jumping on the hood of his car, stomping with his foot. He stated when they noticed he was outside, they took off running toward Walker Heights. PSO Cody Nations spoke with some neighbors, who were able to provide the names of the juveniles. Nations then went to Walker Heights and noticed a group of juveniles at a residence there. Nations spoke with the parent, who stated two of the juveniles were her kids and the other three were another woman’s kids. When Nations told her what had happened, she stated she would handle the children. She also stated she would like to talk to the man whose vehicles were vandalized.

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