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Public Safety Investigates Two Shooting Incidents

Daniel Prince

One man was wounded in one of the incidents

Union Public Safety investigated a couple of shooting incidents in the early morning hours Tuesday. Just after midnight, city units were dispatched to Hicks Street for a report of shots fired. Cpl. Harris spoke to a female subject on scene who stated that the shooting actually happened on Green Street. Harris spoke to another person who stated that a black male wearing all black clothing was crouching between two houses on Green Street when a vehicle stopped at the corner of Pond and Green streets and shot at the subject. According to the witness, the man shot back at the vehicle. Cpl. Harris and PFC Wright searched the area for shell casings and found four pistol caliber casings and collected them for evidence. They noticed a food trailer parked at one of the houses appeared to have damage from a small-caliber weapon, but the owner of the trailer said the damage had been there and had been caused by a pellet gun. The case was forwarded to investigations.

A few hours later, dispatch received a call from Union Medical Center about a male subject who walked into the ER with a gunshot wound to the leg. PFC Wright responded and spoke to the victim. He said he was walking on Tillman Street when he noticed a black four-door car he thought was a Honda drive up. He stated there were several people in the car, and he heard someone ask who he was. He then saw a black male fire around 6 shots at him, one of which struck him in the leg. Despite the wound, he ran home and had someone take him to the hospital. The ER doctor said the round did not hit any bones or arteries, and the victim would be fine. Wright took a voluntary statement from the witness, but according to the report, the statement did not say much at all. The case has been forwarded to investigations.

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