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Public Safety Investigating Shooting Incident

Daniel Prince

Shell casings found on Vaughan Street and Hart Street

Union Public Safety is investigating a shooting incident that occurred early Sunday morning on Vaughan Street. PFC Wright, PFC Nations, and PFC Brown responded to the area. The complainant stated he heard what sounded like around 10 shots come from the top of Vaughan Street. He stated he had noticed a couple of vehicles at the top of the road prior to the shots being heard. He said one looked like a silver car or SUV. One of the vehicles looked like it was in the driveway of a residence on Hart Street, while the other was in the roadway on Vaughan Street. Officers spoke to the occupants of the house on Hart Street. They said they heard what sounded like a verbal argument coming from the area and then they heard the shots, but that no one involved had come from that residence. Officers found five spent 9mm Luger casings in the roadway on Vaughan Street near the end of the driveway of the house on Hart Street. The casings were collected as evidence. The investigation into the incident is continuing.

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