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Remnants of Fred Causes Tornado Warnings in Union County

Daniel Prince

No tornadoes reported in Union County despite warnings

While the remnants of Tropical Storm Fred left Union County alone for most of the day Tuesday, a strong line of storms that spawned tornado warnings and tornadoes in the western part of the Upstate took aim on the county Tuesday evening. Three tornado warnings were issued for parts of Union County Tuesday evening. Two of them were from storms that affected the southwestern part of the county near Cross Keys, and a third that was issued for the northern part of the county, near Jonesville. Each of the storms showed rotation on the radar, which was what triggered the warnings. There were no official reports of tornadoes in the county. WBCU News provided live storm coverage while the warnings were active in the county. The Greenville-Spartanburg office of the National Weather Service issued a total of 37 tornado warnings during the day.

As the remnants of Fred move away, we will be left this week with typical summertime weather—hot, humid, and a chance of afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. Tropical Storm Grace will not be a threat to the area if the storm keeps to the predicted path. Grace is expected to strengthen to a hurricane before hitting the southeastern tip of Mexico, traveling briefly into the southern Gulf of Mexico, and then make its way across central Mexico. Tropical Storm Henri is out in the Atlantic and is expected to strengthen into a hurricane. That storm is expected to turn to the north and northeast, away from land.

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