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Rep. Doug Gilliam Earns Another Term at the State House

Daniel Prince

Gilliam earns 77.5% of the vote, wins all but one precinct in the district

Union County voters overwhelmingly reelected Rep. Doug Gilliam to another term as SC House District 42 Representative.

Rep. Doug Gilliam defeated Melinda Butler in the Republican primary, 1856-538, or 77.5% to 22.5%. Gilliam nearly swept the district, winning every precinct in Union County and six of the seven precincts in Laurens County. Melinda Butler won the Clinton Mill precinct, 15 votes to 7.

WBCU News spoke to both candidates about the results of the race. First up is Rep. Doug Gilliam, who thanked Butler for running a clean race:

(audio below story)

Rep. Doug Gilliam and Melinda Butler on the election results
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