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Rep. Ralph Norman Hosts Town Hall at Midway BBQ
Rep. Ralph Norman

Daniel Prince

Norman takes questions from audience, talks hot-button issues

Representative Ralph Norman was in town Tuesday afternoon for a town hall session at Midway BBQ. He drew a crowd at lunch, who heard his views on hot-button topics such as Afghanistan, illegal immigration, defunding the police, censoring of free speech, and more. He also took questions from members of the public on Social Security, election security, and concerns and frustrations people were feeling from more personal issues.

Norman pushed for conservatives to get involved in politics, whether local, state, or national. Here are some of his remarks on Afghanistan, as well as an announcement of proposed legislation that drew applause from those gathered:

Audio below story

The full town hall video can be seen on our WBCU Facebook page. Special thanks to Jerry McKee for filming.

Rep. Ralph Norman
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