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Resident Calls Attention to Whitmire Highway Speeding Issues at Council Meeting

Daniel Prince

Road committee to discuss the issue in a future meeting

At last week’s Union County Council meeting, Robert Williams spoke to council about the speeding problems in the area of Sims Middle School and the business and residential area through that stretch of Whitmire Highway. He noted that the speed limit is 35 mph from the traffic light intersecting South Duncan Bypass to Holcombe Cemeteries, and then it goes to 45 mph. The limit goes back to 35 in the school zone before increasing past the school. He urged council to petition the state to lower the speed limit through that entire stretch to 35 mph, and make it 25 mph in the school zone. He said speeding is common throughout that stretch of the highway, and during school times, it makes it dangerous for the SRO directing traffic and for those taking kids to school. He noted the wreck that killed Sims teacher Stephen Jennings, as well as another non-fatal wreck that happened not far from that area days later. Supervisor Frank Hart asked council member David Sinclair to call a meeting of the road committee to discuss that and see if they wanted to bring the full council any recommendations regarding the matter.

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