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RobinHood Group Awarded AARP Challenge Grant

Daniel Prince

Grant to provide FoodShare boxes to elderly residents in need starting September 1

The RobinHood Group is one of four entities chosen statewide to receive an AARP Community Challenge Grant. RobinHood Group will use the grant to provide farmers market stipends to residents over age 50 who work in a community garden, and FoodShare boxes will be given to elderly residents in need. Elise Ashby, Executive Director of the Robin Hood Group, stated that the grant will enable them to provide fresh, locally grown produce to residents over the age of 50, and the community gardens provide residents with free access to local produce that they work to help grow. Ashby said they are not giving handouts but are helping residents with resources to live and eat healthy. AARP South Carolina State Director Charmaine S. Fuller Cooper said, “We are incredibly excited to support the RobinHood Group as they work to make immediate improvements, encourage promising ideas, and jumpstart long-term change in Union.” The offer of a free small produce box for low-income elderly Union County resident households begins September 1st. You can call 427-1530 to register your household and choose your pickup date.

Ashby told City Council Tuesday night that her group has received another grant that enables FoodShare Union County to provide a small box of produce to each Union County student household. She said there are 2000 student households in the county. To claim a box, call 427-1530 to register and choose your pickup date. The offer expires on September 1.

This year, FoodShare Union County has sold more than 600 produce boxes, and since starting last year, they have sold more than 1500 boxes. Ashby says that has increased the income of local farmers by 64%. Ashby thanked City Council for helping to fund FoodShare’s building at the Farmer’s Market.

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