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Rose Hill to Offer Children's Day Program

Daniel Prince

Kids will enjoy games and crafts from the 1800s

Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site will host Children’s Day at Rose Hill tomorrow, Saturday, July 30. Children ages 7-14 are invited, along with an adult chaperone, to come out to Rose Hill to enjoy activities. They will have a variety of games and crafts that children would have enjoyed in the 1800s. Games such as mancala, hopscotch, jump rope, hoops, and graces will be demonstrated and played. There will be a live demonstration of shucking corn, which was a major crop that would have been grown and eaten at Rose Hill during that time. They will also discuss the historical significance of the crop. Children will learn how to make their own cornhusk dolls that they can take home as a keepsake.

The cost for the program is $5 per child. An adult chaperone is required to remain on site during the entire program. Bring bottled water and wear appropriate shoes and clothing for activities and the weather. Registration is required. You can call 427-5966 or email to reserve your spot. The program may not be held in the event of inclement weather.

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