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Rutherford Defeats Eaves for County Council District 5 Seat

Gerald Eaves and Carolyn Rutherford following their primary wins in April

Daniel Prince

Rutherford wins with 75.5% of the vote, sweeps precincts

County Council District 5 voters elected Carolyn Rutherford to represent them on Union County Council in a special election Tuesday. Rutherford will fulfill the unexpired term of Tommie Hill, who passed away in early February. 36 more voters turned out for this election than in the special election primaries back in April. Rutherford defeated Gerald Eaves, 216-70, or 75.5%-24.5%. Rutherford carried every precinct in the race. Eaves did receive more than three times as many votes in this election than he did in the primary. Immediately after the final results were declared, Eaves led the group who had gathered at the Election Commission Office in prayer for Rutherford.

Rutherford told WBCU News she is ready to work for the people of her district, and she thanked Eaves for running a clean campaign:

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Carolyn Rutherford and Gerald Eaves react to the election results
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