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SAT Scores Released

Daniel Prince

Union County High School seniors post higher scores than Class of 2021

The College Board recently released national and state SAT test results for graduating seniors. 23,868 South Carolina public school students took the SAT last year, roughly 48% of the Class of 2022, marking a 5.8% increase from the previous year. South Carolina’s public-school students scored an average of 1023—522 in the Evidence Based Reading and Writing component and 501 in the Math component. Those scores are just 5 points off the national public-school average, and 27 points lower than the national average for all schools. South Carolina seniors averaged one point higher in reading and writing than the national public-school average, while scoring 6 points lower in math. When compared to all schools, South Carolina students scored 7 points lower in reading and writing and 20 points lower in math.

Union County High School had 91 seniors take the SAT, which was 37.4% of the senior class. Their average score was 934, 89 points below the state average. They scored an average of 479 in reading and writing, and they averaged 454 in math. This was a significant improvement over 2021. The seniors in the Class of 2022 scored 27 points higher than the previous class overall—7 points higher in reading and 20 points higher in math. The Class of 2021 scored 121 points below the state average, with 12 fewer students taking the test.

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