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SC Department of Education Releases End of Course Test Scores

Daniel Prince

Union County scores improved in all areas

The South Carolina Department of Education released data on last year’s end-of-course exams in Algebra 1, English 2, US History and the Constitution, and Biology 1. The average scores in Algebra statewide increased by a little more than two points, nearly returning to pre-pandemic levels. Biology 1 scores increased by a little more than a point but are still 2 points below 2019 scores. History scores went up by nearly half a point, but they are nearly 4 points below pre-pandemic levels. Scores in English 2 were nearly identical to last year. English 2 was not tested in 2019, as English 1 was tested then. The number of students failing statewide decreased in all subjects but history, but failing scores remained significant in all subjects but English 2, which had nearly 16% of students earning failing grades.

The Union County School District had average scores a few points lower than the state average. Union County students had a higher failing rate than the state average in all subjects but English. Only 14.6% of Union County students failed the English 2 exam, compared to 15.7% statewide.

While Union County scores did not meet the state average, the scores significantly improved from 2021 in all subjects except history. The percentage of students failing the English exam fell by half. The percentage of those failing the biology exam went down 10%, and 3.5% fewer students failed algebra. Six times more students got As in Algebra in 2022 than in 2021. 2.5 times more students earned As in the biology exam than in 2021. Nearly 4 times as many students earned As in history than the previous year, and As in English 2 went up by a littler more than 1%. Average scores in all subject areas were up, from 1.5 points in history to 5.5 points in biology.

The State Department also released Ready to Work scores, which is a career-readiness assessment given to all 11th-grade students. We’ll look at those results coming up in tomorrow’s newscast.

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