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SC Uplift Promotes Older Adults Home Modification Program

Daniel Prince

Aim of the program is to allow seniors to age gracefully in their own homes

The group SC UpLift Community Outreach, with help from a $1 million grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, presents the Older Adults’ Home Modification Program. The program, which was first announced last August, is continuing to offer assessments and grant assistance for low-income senior citizens for low-cost home modifications to allow them to safely stay in their homes. The grants are available for elderly residents in Chester, Union, and Fairfield counties.

SC Uplift Community Outreach founder and CEO Kevin Wimberly and Pamela Kimpson Mack were on the morning show Wednesday to talk about the program. Mack said the purpose is to allow seniors to age gracefully in their own homes:

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For more information, contact i58 in Chester County, who carries out the day-to-day operations of SC Uplift in our area and handles the assessments. Their number is 803-209-5553. They are online at SC Uplift’s website is Information on the income requirements and other things you will need can be found there.

Pamela Kimpson Mack and Kevin Wimberly on the home modification program
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