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School Board Approves Last-Minute Field Trip Request

Daniel Prince

Board members concerned about lack of notice

The Union County Board of School Trustees met briefly Thursday afternoon in the conference room of the Union County Schools District Office. They had to vote on a last-minute field trip request. According to Personnel Director Jeff Stribble, the special needs classes at Buffalo Elementary School and Union County High School to attend the fishing rodeo this morning. Stribble said the county notified the district about the event last Thursday. Since the event is taking place prior to Monday’s regular board meeting, the special meeting was needed to get approval. Board members Manning Jeter and Mike Massey expressed concerns about the lack of notice for this event, especially with it being an annual event. Massey suggested that the schools submit requests well in advance for annual events, even if they don’t know the exact date, and the approval can be in place with the date added later. The board voted unanimously to allow the students to go on the trip today.

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