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School Board Deals With Employee Issues During Executive Session

Daniel Prince

Dena Addis named principal at Monarch; unnamed employee's contract terminated on 5-4 vote

At Monday’s school board meeting, following discussions in executive session, the school board voted in open session to accept the superintendent’s recommendation that the contract of employee A be terminated as of July 1. As is always the case in such personnel matters, the employee was not identified. The vote was 5-4, with Mike Massey, Doc Lipsey, Dr. Jane Wilkes, Dr. Wanda All, and Frank Hart voting in favor, and Mike Cohen, Mark Ivey, Manning Jeter, and BJ McMorris voting no.

They also voted to accept the superintendent’s recommendation on employee B, though they did not make clear in the motion what that recommendation was. That employee also remained unnamed. That vote was also 5-4, with Hart, All, Massey, Wilkes, and Lipsey voting yes, and Cohen, Ivey, Jeter, and McMorris voting no.

The board then voted on the rest of the personnel report. They approved it on a 7-2 vote, with Manning Jeter and BJ McMorris opposed. Among those listed in the report, Dena Addis was hired as principal of Monarch Elementary School, Andrea Robinson was named assistant principal at Buffalo Elementary School, and Miriam McCoy was named assistant principal at Sims Middle School.

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