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Secret Santa Program Needs Sponsors

Daniel Prince

Ministry has a goal of serving 285 children this year

The Upper Room and Young Adult Sunday School classes at Grace United Methodist Church are looking for sponsors for children in this year’s Secret Santa program. The program is entering its 33rd year in providing toys for children in need. The goal this year is to serve 285 children ages 10 and under. Citizens are being asked to sponsor at least one child. Parents have submitted a list of three gifts for each child, and sponsors are asked to purchase at least one gift from the list, but they may get all three if they want. They are also asked to include an item in each package that relays the message of God’s love. The sponsorship drive will continue through December 9th, and the final day to return gifts is December 10. If you would like to sponsor a child, email, or call 426-2776 and leave a message.

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