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Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program Returns

Daniel Prince

In-person application dates are June 8 and June 22

The popular South Carolina Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program is back this year. The program qualifies senior citizens to receive $25 worth of coupons to buy fresh fruits and vegetables from authorized farmers. While the last couple of years, the applications have been handled online due to the pandemic, this year the application process goes back to being done in-person. Applications will be taken on Wednesday, June 8, and Wednesday, June 22, from 1-5 p.m. at the Union County Recreation Department, at 115 Thomas Street.

To qualify to receive the coupons, the applicant must be a low-income senior living in South Carolina and aged 60 or older at the time of the application. They must provide proof of identity, both at the time of application and at the time to pick up the vouchers. They have to apply in person in their county of residence to receive the benefits.

Successful applicants will receive five $5 Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program checks. These can be used at a participating farmers’ market to purchase fresh, locally grown produce. In Union County, the checks are redeemable at the Union County Farm and Craft Market in front of the YMCA on Main Street at Lakeside Drive.

If seniors are unable to apply in person, they may designate an authorized representative to apply on their behalf. The authorized representative may apply for and pick up checks on behalf of a maximum of two individuals in addition to themselves. The representative must provide a copy of the applicant’s ID (either a physical copy or an image), and written and signed permission for them to apply on the senior’s behalf.
For more information, contact Tim Black, Executive Director of the Union County Council on Aging, at 429-1682.

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