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Several Vehicle Break-ins Reported to Public Safety Department

Daniel Prince

Tires and rims, CD player, gun, and ammunition reported stolen

Several vehicle break-ins and thefts were reported to Union Public Safety last Thursday and Friday. It is unknown if any of the cases are related. The first incident occurred on Wallace Street when a vehicle that was being worked on at Auto Diagnostic had its tires and rims stolen. The vehicle had been parked outside the shop Wednesday night, and when the owner returned Thursday morning, the car was on blocks with only its left front tire remaining. The case was sent for further investigation.

On Thursday, a man on Scott Street stated that someone broke into a vehicle he was working on for someone else. The man noticed the driver’s side door was cracked open. When he looked inside, a Kenwood CD player had been stolen. The back seat had also been pried down. That case was also sent for further investigation.

A California man staying at Quality Inn reported Friday morning that someone had tried to break into his work truck. He said he was getting dressed when he heard something outside the window. He saw a white male with red hair and a beard, dressed in dark brown clothing, standing at his work truck, and appeared to be trying to get into the truck. The man ran outside to confront the subject, but the other man took off running. The man looked at some of the other vehicles in the parking lot and discovered that his co-worker’s truck had been broken into. The owner of that vehicle stated that it looked like someone got into his truck and his toolbox. He stated the only thing missing was a 300-round box of 9mm pistol ammunition. The box of ammunition was later found on the ground near the truck and returned to the vehicle’s owner. No force appeared to have been used to get into the truck or toolbox. The case will be investigated further.

The final reported incident occurred on Woodlawn Avenue, where a man stated someone had taken his gun from his vehicle. He stated he left his vehicle unlocked, and the gun had been in the glove compartment. The black and silver Taurus 9mm was valued at $300. Information on the gun was entered into NCIC, and the investigation is continuing.

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