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Sheriff's Office Releases Details of Early September Murder

Daniel Prince

Suspect may be in Laurens County or possibly in Georgia

The Union County Sheriff’s Office released more details about the murder investigation they are conducting, which we first told you about Tuesday afternoon. Back on Thursday, September 1, the sheriff’s office was dispatched to Prospect Corner Road for a report of an unconscious male. Deputies spoke with EMS personnel who reported that when they arrived on scene, they found a deceased male on the bathroom floor, so they moved him to the kitchen area where they had room to work on him. EMS stated they were unsure what may have caused his death, stating they did administer Narcan in case it was an overdose. In speaking with EMS, it was initially presumed that his death was likely due to a combination of factors, most notably the amount of alcohol consumed and underlying medical conditions. Deputies identified the man as 33-year-old Stanley Jones, of Laurens.

Jones’s girlfriend, Alexis Jones, stated that Stanley was drunk and was refusing to come into the house. She said she was finally able to get him into the house. She said he complained of being hot and went into the bathroom. She said moments later, he collapsed. Deputies asked Alexis about the small scratches on Stanley’s face and the wound on his neck, and she stated she didn’t know what caused them and that they must be from him drinking, stumbling, and falling.

During the investigation, investigators learned that Stanley Jones did not die from alcohol, drugs, or medical conditions. They learned that the wound was caused by Alexis Jones and a sharp object. Investigators found the murder weapon. Alexis Fiana Jones was charged with one count of murder. During the investigation, Jones fled Union County and was possibly in Laurens County or somewhere in Georgia. If anyone has any information on where Jones is, please call the Union County Sheriff’s Office at 429-1611 or Crimestoppers at 427-0800.

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