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Sheriff's Office Releases Details on Inmate's Capture

Daniel Prince

Crimestoppers tip led to Strickland's location

The Union Public Safety Department provided some details regarding the Saturday capture of escaped inmate David Paul Strickland. The Union County Sheriff’s Office received information from Crimestoppers that Strickland might be in an empty residence at 600 Perrin Avenue in the City of Union. The sheriff’s office contacted the Union Public Safety Department, and officers and deputies surrounded the residence. The front and back doors were both locked; however, a window on the side of the house had been broken out. A deputy entered the residence through that window and opened the back door for other officers to enter. The front and back doors were both barricaded from the inside. Officers noticed items inside the residence letting them know that Strickland either was in the residence or had been there recently. Those items included papers with his name on them. After searching the residence, Strickland was found in the attic space of the residence. He was arrested and transported to the Union County Detention Center for booking.

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