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Shooting Reported at Union Mill Crossing Apartments

Daniel Prince

Two groups of individuals were reportedly firing at each other

The Union Public Safety Department is investigating a shooting incident that happened Saturday night at 120 North Boyce Street at the Union Mill Crossing apartments. PSO Malik Brown responded to the scene at around 7 p.m. and spoke with residents outside who stated there were two groups of individuals shooting at each other. They said shots were fired in the innermost part of the complex, and then the altercation moved toward the outer parts of the complex. The shots ended with a group of individuals shooting at a tan or gold Honda with gold rims that was leaving the scene. They said as this was happening, people were running in every direction. Officers found a pair of Nike slippers near the breezeway in front of the complex alongside a blue cell phone. Officers found thirty 9mm shell casings and one 556/223 casing. Investigator Jerome Beatty was called to the scene to investigate, assisted by Sgt. Dean Allen. The case has been sent to investigations.

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