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Shoplifter Sprays Walmart Employee With Pepper Spray

Daniel Prince

Subject stole two Samsung TVs worth $796

On Sunday, Sgt. Hood and Pfc Willingham with the Union Public Safety Department went to Walmart for a shoplifting incident that had already occurred. They spoke with the manager on duty, who told them that someone had shoplifted two large televisions and had sprayed an employee with mace before fleeing the scene. Sgt. Hood spoke with the employee, who stated he was price checking an item when he saw a subject acting weird and looking at him several times. The employee stated he asked the subject if everything was okay, and the subject stated that he needed to head out the other self-checkout, and he continued toward the exit door. He then sprayed the employee in the face with pepper spray and left the store with the two TVs and a box speaker. The speaker was recovered in the cart in front of the home living entrance door. The subject, described as a light-skinned black male wearing a white toboggan, blue jeans, and blue and green plaid long-sleeve shirt, left in a brown or gray Dodge truck.

Hood spoke to a witness who stated his girlfriend works at Walmart, and he followed the truck south on Highway 176. He said the truck made a left turn onto Main Street while he got caught by the traffic light. He said there was another person in the vehicle, but he was unable to give a description. He said the truck was a 2001-2003 Dodge Dakota with a paper tag. The case has been sent to investigations. The two Samsung 55” TVs are valued at a total of $796.

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