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Shots Fired During Domestic Violence Incident

Daniel Prince

Man faces first-degree assault and domestic violence charges and a weapons charge

A Taylors man was arrested Wednesday on multiple charges stemming from a domestic violence incident. Deputy Joshua Mullinax and Deputy Chris Alexander responded to an address on Whitlock Lake Road for a domestic incident. They spoke with the female victim on site, who stated that during an argument, the father of her children, identified as 27-year-old William Brian Kiser, put a gun to the side of her head with their infant child in her arms. She stated she had asked Kiser to leave multiple times, but he did not, and he threw a baby swing at her. She said he then went outside and threatened to shoot her horses. Deputy Alexander spoke with a male witness who said he heard the woman crying and begging Kiser to leave the property. He said Kiser came after her outside the camper, and he and another person stopped Kiser. They then got into a verbal altercation, and Kiser pulled out a gun and shot at the man twice, once at the ground and once toward his head. Kiser then got in a vehicle and left. Mullinax spoke with a female witness on scene who stated she was walking away from the camper with one of the infants in her arms, and she heard a gunshot. She went back to the camper, and she said Kiser threatened to harm her, as well. Mullinax spoke with another male witness who stated that the female victim had called him crying. He rushed home and saw Kiser destroying the camper. He saw the female walking out of the camper, and he saw Kiser come outside and fire a handgun toward the male. He also heard the woman repeatedly ask Kiser to leave, but Kiser refused until the police were called. He then grabbed his five-year-old child and left the scene. William Brian Kiser faces charges of 1st-degree assault and battery, 1st-degree domestic violence, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

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