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Spartanburg Community College Extends Free Tuition Through 2022-2023 School Year

Daniel Prince

Enrollment has increased substantially since free tuition was announced

Spartanburg Community College has announced it will extend its free tuition initiative through the 2022-2023 academic year. President Dr. Michael Mikota made the announcement, saying that all programs of study at Spartanburg Community College will continue to be tuition-free next year. He noted the first year impacted thousands of individual students and the community at large. He said he hoped to keep up the momentum next year and use it to “build out our services to help us achieve our goal of being the most affordable, accessible, and relevant higher education institution in the country.”

Free tuition applies to general education, transfers, and workforce development. Since it was announced in May 2021, the school has seen a 32% increase in enrollment across its campuses, including significant increases in its minority population, and a 66% increase in students aged 24 and older. The increases come amid an 8% decline across the SC Technical College System and a 17% decline in nationwide community college enrollment. Enrollment now is highest in the school’s history.

The extension comes as a result of federal, state, and local funds, as well as its continuing partnerships with the organizations OneSpartanburg, Inc. and the Spartanburg Academic Movement. Free tuition is available to anyone who lives or works full-time in South Carolina, has a desire to begin or continue their education, and enrolls in a minimum of six credit hours in the program of their choice. For more information, visit the school’s website at

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