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Spartanburg Community College Introduces College Transition Program

Daniel Prince

College Transition Coordinators to work with schools

Today marks the first day of the new academic year at Spartanburg Community College, and it also is the start of a new College Transition Program designed to strengthen partnerships with local high schools and career centers in Spartanburg, Cherokee, and Union counties.

As part of the program, four College Transition Coordinators will be deployed to those high schools and career centers to educate high school communities on college and life transitions post-high school. The coordinators will work with prospective students, parents, school administrators, and guidance counselors to provide dual credit, dual enrollment services for high school students, as well as college enrollment to SCC for graduating seniors. They will educate parents and students about SCC’s dual enrollment opportunities and provide traditional enrollment and program selection assistance, academic and career advising, entrance testing, mentoring, and follow-up through the enrollment process.

For more information on the school’s dual enrollment and early college opportunities as well as the free tuition initiative, visit

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