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State Testing Begins for Elementary Schools

Daniel Prince

Sims will begin testing next week

State testing begins today at Buffalo, Foster Park, and Monarch Elementary Schools, as well as at Jonesville Elementary-Middle School. Today, students will take the English Language Arts Writing test. On Wednesday, they will take the ELA Reading test. They will tackle Math on Thursday. 4th- and 6th-graders have one additional day of testing, as they will take the Science test on Friday.

Sims Middle School will be taking the tests next week, with Writing on May 17, Reading on May 18, Math on May 19, and Science for 6th-graders on May 20.

The Union County School District emphasizes the need for students to get plenty of rest the night before testing, and to eat a good breakfast. All Union County schools serve breakfast each morning. Make sure your child gets to school on time by 7:50 a.m. on testing days. If at all possible, doctors’ appointments and other out-of-school functions should not be scheduled during testing hours.

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