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Students Begin MAP Testing This Week

Daniel Prince

Kindergarten through 9th grade students tested in reading, math

Union County Schools students have gotten the first week of the year under their belts. This week, they are faced with their first major testing of the year.

MAP testing is held in reading and math for 5K-9th grade students three times each year—once at the beginning of the year, once in the middle, and once at end of the year. The test scores are used to measure students’ progress over the course of the year. The test is designed to give progressively harder questions as students answer correctly, and easier questions when they miss. The test provides a more complete picture of what students know and are ready to learn—whether on, above, or below their grade level.

Today, reading testing begins for grades 2-5 and 9. Tomorrow, grades 2-5 will take the math test, while grades 6-8 will take the reading test. On Wednesday, kindergarten students take the reading fluency test, while first grade takes the reading growth test. Grades 6-9 will take the math test. On Thursday, kindergarten and first grade students will take the math test, and on Friday, 1st grade will take the reading fluency test. Make-up testing will be held the following week.

The district requests that students are present and on time for school on the assigned testing date. Students need to get adequate rest the night before the test and should do their best.

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