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Students Set to Take Final MAP Tests of the Year

Daniel Prince

Test adapts to the student, providing more accurate picture of what they know

Students in Union County Schools will be taking their spring MAP testing this week. The assessment is given at the beginning of the school year, before Christmas, and at the end of the year to measure the student’s achievement and growth.

The test is given to all students in kindergarten through 9th grade in reading and math. The tests are online and adapt to the student’s responses to measure individual skill levels. If the student answers a question correctly, the next question is more challenging. If they miss the question, the next one is easier. The results provide a more accurate picture of what the student knows and is ready to learn, whether on, above, or below grade level. Teachers then use the results to tailor classroom instruction and set specific learning targets for students.

Today, the MAP Growth Reading test will be given to students in grades 5K-8, while some in kindergarten through 2nd grade may be taking it on Wednesday, instead. 9th graders took the MAP growth reading test this past Thursday. 9th graders will take the MAP growth map test today. Tomorrow, students in kindergarten through 8th grade will take the MAP growth math test. Makeup testing is scheduled between March 9-17. In addition, sometime between March 28-April 29, kindergarten and first grade students will take an additional MAP reading fluency test, and 5K students will take an additional MAP growth math test and possibly another MAP growth reading test, though that one states that it is optional.

Please make sure your student is present and on time for school on the testing dates. Talk to your student about doing his or her best on the tests and ensure your student gets adequate rest the nights before testing.

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