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Supervisor Looks Ahead to Future Projects

Daniel Prince

They include new Career and Technology Center at SCC Union, new spec building, sewer to Jonesville

In Supervisor Frank Hart’s recent statement in which he announced he would not be running for reelection, he looked back at some of the successes of his first seven years in office. He then included a section titled, “What’s Next?”, detailing major initiatives for the next year and beyond. At the top of the list is construction of a new Career and Technology Center on the Union campus of Spartanburg Community College. He calls it key to the long-term success of our community. He said the new school will help engage kids get the skills and education they need to be successful, particularly those that are in danger of dropping out.

Development of a new spec building for industrial recruitment is also high on the priority list. He notes that 75% of industrial prospects are looking for an industrial building and will not even visit the community if there is not one. The recent MycoWorks announcement would not have been possible without the current spec building.

Working with the City of Union and Town of Jonesville to expand industrial grade sewer to Jonesville and the Trakas Industrial Park is another project key to the future of the county, Hart says. The county is seeking around $10 million in funding for the project. Combined with the project with the Town of Carlisle, it will give Union County something that few counties in the state have, which is industrial sewer capability across the county, opening up the entire 176 corridor for future development.

Recruitment of retail businesses to the community to enhance quality of life is another project he mentioned. The county has partnered with the city to hire a firm to recruit targeted quality of life businesses to the community. He says they have several promising projects in the works and expect to make announcements this year.

Recruitment of new housing developments to support growth and workforce needs is another high priority. He says they expect to announce a new development this year, which will provide the housing needed to support the workforce needs of the county’s growing industrial base. It will also help drive additional commercial development and quality of life businesses.

Completing renovations of the former South State Bank building for county government offices should be completed early in the 3rd quarter this year. All non-judicial business will be conducted there, and they will have the convenience of a drive-through option for citizens to pay taxes.

Completing renovations of the former Wells Fargo building for the Union County Sheriff’s Office should wrap up sometime during the 2nd quarter of this year. Hart said the new facility will house all law enforcement personnel in one building and give them the quality work environment they deserve.

The final project he mentions is to complete expansion and renovations to the Union County Detention Center. He says the county is now in the position where they have to take steps to improve the conditions of the county jail. They are actively working on design and construction of additional cells at the facility, which will allow them to safely segregate inmates and improve correctional officer safety. The project will be started this year and will take up to a year and a half to complete.

Hart says none of these initiatives will be achieved without all of us working together as a community. No single entity can do what needs to be done without partnerships.

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