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Thousands of Dollars Taken in Burglary

Daniel Prince

Family was at the beach for the weekend

A Union woman is missing a large amount of money following a weekend burglary at her apartment. The woman, who lives in an apartment on Rice Avenue Extension, stated she and her boyfriend took their daughter to the beach over the weekend for her birthday. They left late Friday afternoon and came back late Sunday afternoon.

The woman stated that upon entering her apartment, she noticed a table in the living room was pushed out from the wall and the pillows on the couch were out of place. She said they then noticed the back door was broken. The lock was busted and there were pieces of the wood frame of the door on the floor. She stated she checked the place where she keeps her money hidden and stated the money was no longer there. She advised Cpl. Kayla Garrett that she was missing between $5000-$6000. The rooms upstairs seemed to have been rummaged through, but she said apart from the money, she couldn’t tell that anything else was taken.

She said no one else knew where the money was kept, and that only family members knew that they were going out of town. She did not have any cameras in or around her apartment. The case has been turned over to investigations.

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