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Three Arrested For Stealing Three Rolls of Electrical Wire

Daniel Prince

One man was wanted in Newberry County for shoplifting, also

Two people have been arrested for stealing three rolls of electrical wire from Paradise Home Center. 28-year-old Joseph Patrick Giacovoni, Jr., and 36-year-old Dustin Roger Cox, both of Buffalo, are charged with shoplifting. In addition, Giacovoni is charged with receiving stolen goods. Employees in the warehouse noticed a man pushing a cart with the wire inside. He appeared to be holding a receipt. Another man was with him. The employees checked the system to see if he had bought the wire and found that he did not. The two men then got into a truck and drove off. The incident was captured on the store’s video system, and the store owner sent the picture of the suspect to Captain Scott Coffer with the Union County Sheriff’s Office, who identified the man as Dustin Cox. A records check found that Cox was wanted by Newberry County for shoplifting, as well. Cpl. Galen Israel with the Union County Sheriff’s Office responded to Cox’s address and detained both Cox and his companion, identified as Giacovoni. Cpl. Israel recovered the wire from the truck and arrested the two subjects. Sgt. Dean Allen with Union Public Safety, who was investigating the case from the store, went to the address in Buffalo to pick up the wire and return it to Paradise Home Center. The wire was valued at around $1370.

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