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Timika Wilson Running as Democratic Candidate for Union County Supervisor

Daniel Prince

Daniel Prince

Wilson's full statement is on our Facebook page

Timika M. Wilson filed to run as a Democrat for Union County Supervisor. She has provided WBCU News with her official announcement, which we have posted in full on our Facebook page. Wilson stated she grew up in Union County, the daughter of retired SFC Leon and Peggy Wilson. She graduated from Union High School in 1992 and earned her degree in ceramic engineering from Clemson. She is a Retired Lieutenant Colonel with the US Army, with over 20 years of federal service. She says she has seen similar challenges that Union County faces, including housing shortages, lack of resources, and limited funding for services. She says it will take public and private partnerships to build Union County into a place where residents, industry, and retail will want to stay and grow. She noted the recent investments in Union County have exceeded over $138 million, and 537 full-time jobs have been announced. Wilson recently graduated from the South Carolina Economic Development Institute, and she says she understands how much work went into bringing in those jobs and investments.

She said her experiences have developed her into a servant leader that knows the importance of teams and listening first while taking care of people always through constant communication. Her statement details some of her work with the Army and the Army Corps of Engineers and her recent work in Union County. She said she believes that transparent governance, quality jobs through education transition, and building a housing to home ownership pipeline will take Union to the next level for our current residents while attracting new residents. She says it will require continued creation of support systems essential to growth, ensuring Union residents have every opportunity to succeed and thrive at home. She said she pledges to visit all 23 Union County precincts to introduce voters to her ideas and incorporate their concerns. If elected, she said she plans to follow up with the voters in person.

Again, you can read Wilson’s full statement on our Facebook page.

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