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Town of Lockhart Looking for Those Needing Roof Repairs

Daniel Prince

There is an income qualification for the service

As discussed at Lockhart Town Council’s May meeting, the town has met with an organization that helps with putting new roofs on homes of low-income individuals. To qualify for the help, the town needs to submit names and addresses of people in the town who need the assistance and would qualify.

Requirements include that the deed to the house you live in must be in your name. Those in a one-person household cannot make over $17,000 per year, and in a two-person household, the combined income cannot be over $21,000. The organization will conduct an interview, and if you qualify after that interview, the service will be free. If you live in the Town of Lockhart, need a new roof, and think you might qualify for the service, contact Mayor Connie Porter as soon as possible at 545-2103 or 251-3883.

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