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Two Steal More Than $2000 Worth of Merchandise From Walmart

Daniel Prince

Kitchen Aid mixer, meat among items taken

In another shoplifting case, two people stole over $2000 worth of merchandise from Walmart. The loss prevention officer at Walmart reported the theft on Sunday to Union Public Safety. The incident occurred last Thursday evening. A black male and a white female entered the store and began collecting merchandise separately. The man had a Power XL Grill/Air Fryer and a deluxe Kitchen Aid mixer in a shopping cart, and left the store, passing all points of sale. The woman selected a large amount of meats, including steak, fish, chicken, salmon, shrimp, crab, bacon, and pork. She walked away from the full cart and left the store as the man returned inside. He got the full cart and walked it outside, again passing all points of sale. The pair loaded the merchandise into 2002 Kia vehicle with a paper tag and left the store. The total value of the merchandise was approximately $2373. The case has been sent for further investigation.

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