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Two Walmart Employees Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Merchandise

Daniel Prince

Employees accused of taking Playstation 5 consoles

A pair of Walmart employees have been accused of stealing merchandise from the store. PFC Thomas Willingham was dispatched to Walmart for an incident of shoplifting that had already occurred. Willingham spoke with the loss prevention officer, who stated that two employees on third shift were working in the back shortly after midnight last Wednesday. The associates noticed a pallet with several Playstation 5 gaming systems on it. The pair, identified as 23-year-old Devon James Morris and 22-year-old Thomas Jordan Smith, placed 4 of the gaming systems on an empty pallet and placed another stack of pallets on top of the merchandise, with a piece of cardboard trying to hide the items. They took the pallets outside but did not come back into the store with the Playstation 5s. The report showed 12 of the gaming systems were accounted for around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, and then it was discovered that 4 of them were missing. The incident was caught on video surveillance, which Willingham viewed. Morris and Smith were arrested and charged with breach of trust. The four Playstation 5s were valued at $2135.

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