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Two Withdraw From Races Prior to the Election

Daniel Prince

Tommy Mann withdraws from school board race; William Browning bows out of city council race

WBCU News learned on Monday that Tommy Mann has decided to withdraw from the Union County School Board District 5 race, leaving Mark Truitt unopposed to win the seat currently held by Mike “Brokearm” Cohen. Cohen announced earlier in the year that he would not be running for reelection. Mann’s name will still be on the November ballot, but again, he stated to WBCU News that he is withdrawing from the race.

One other person who originally filed to run for office also withdrew. William Browning, Jr. had originally filed to run for Union City Council District 5 against incumbent Pamela Garner Sloss, but he withdrew several weeks ago. Since he withdrew before the deadline for the ballot to be finalized, his name will not appear on the ballot in District 5.

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