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Unconscious Man Found With Nearly 100 Blue Pills

Daniel Prince

Man charged with possession with intent to distribute Schedule 2 narcotic

A 22-year-old man was arrested after being found unconscious on Walker Street in Monarch. Cpl. Nathan Burdine with the Union County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene along with medics. The man was identified as Hunter Lynn Davis. Davis has a Franklin, TN, address, but is listed as currently staying at an address on Walker Street. As EMS got Davis ready for ambulance transport, Deputy Taylor arrived to get statements and information from witnesses. Cpl. Burdine told EMS it looked like it could be an overdose from a fake roxy, due to blue residue inside Davis’s nose. One of the medics asked if Davis had anything on him. The medic moved Davis’s shorts, and a blue pill fell to the floor of the ambulance. Burdine and medics removed a white plastic baggie from Davis’s shorts that contained blue pills. They also removed several loose blue pills. These were all secured in an evidence bag. The narcotics investigator was notified and arrived at the hospital to talk with Davis. Davis was not cooperative with deputies. A total of 98 blue pills, identified as oxycodone hydrochloride 30mg, were recovered from Davis. He was arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute a Schedule 2 narcotic. After being released from the hospital, he was transported to Union County Jail.

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