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Unemployment Falls in November

Daniel Prince

Union's rate decreases from 5% to 4.7%

The state’s Department of Employment and Workforce released the November job numbers across the state. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate decreased from 3.9% in October to 3.7% in November. The national rate saw a bigger decline, going from 4.6% in October to 4.2% in November. For Union County, the unemployment rate fell from 5% in October to 4.7% in November. The labor force shrank by 75 people. 30 fewer people were working in November compared to October. Union is tied with Dillon and Williamsburg counties for the 7th-highest unemployment rate in the state. Compared to last November, Union County’s unemployment rate has dropped by nearly 3%. Last year, it was 7.6%. The labor force has 246 more people in it now than last year, and 581 more people are working now than last November.

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