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Union's Unemployment Rate Rises

Daniel Prince

SC Works Online Services is back online; job searches must be conducted to remain eligible for benefits

The SC Department of Employment and Workforce released the June job numbers for South Carolina on Friday. Nationally, the unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.6%. South Carolina’s seasonally adjusted jobless rate fell slightly to 3.2% in June compared to 3.3% in May.

The county-by-county rates that are not seasonally adjusted showed unemployment higher in June for all counties except Cherokee, whose jobless rate remained unchanged at 4.3%. Union County’s unemployment rate jumped from 4.6% in May to 5.3% in June, the 8th-highest jobless rate in the state. The move comes as the county’s labor force increased by 48 people, while the number of those with jobs fell by 35.

Union County’s unemployment rate is nearly 2% lower now than last June. In 2021, Union County’s rate was at 7.2%, compared to this June’s 5.3%. There were 11 more people in the labor force in Union County last year, but there are 215 more people working in Union County in 2022 than in 2021.

As a note from the SC Department of Employment and Workforce, SC Works Online Services had been down, but it is now up and running. Claimants should log into their SC Works Online Services account and conduct at least two jobs searches this week to remain eligible for benefits. Due to the outage, the online work search requirement was waived for the week of July 17-23. For the week of July 24-30, two job searches are required. If you need help with your user name or password, there are recovery prompts on the login screen.

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