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Union County Development Board Signals More Good Economic News on the Horizon

Daniel Prince

Potential projects represent more than $200 million in investment and 160+ jobs

Union County Development Board Director Dolton Williams indicated even more good economic news on the horizon in his report to the supervisor this month. In addition to Project George Washington, which was revealed at the meeting to be an expansion of Dollar General’s distribution center, representing $41 million in new capital investment and 80 new jobs, Williams noted three other promising projects on the horizon. One, called Project Pluto, has already seen first reading of an infrastructure credit agreement. That project would involve $47 million in new investment and 13 new jobs. Another, called Project Aurora, would represent $40 million in investment and 78 new jobs if it comes to fruition. A fourth project, called Project Round-Up, would represent $128 million in new investment and 71 new jobs.

He noted a site visit by a company that makes electric vehicle battery components. He said that company looked at the Trakas South property. It would need sewer to be installed by the first quarter of 2025, which Williams said the city could do. The capacity of metals in the sewer would require additional pre-treatment onsite. If that project were to come through, that would represent $460 million in new investment and 200 jobs with an average wage of $85,000 annually.

Williams noted a change in state tax law will affect local economic development. He said the assessment ratio was lowered for all manufacturers from 10.5% to 6%. He said this will force them to rethink tax incentives on manufacturing projects, stating they will have to enhance the Special Source Revenue Credits to avoid the company filing for the tax abatement. If they file for abatement, the county would receive no tax revenue from the company for five years.

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