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Union County has Highest COVID Incidence Rate in the Upstate

Daniel Prince

More than 10,000 Union County citizens have completed vaccinations

As statewide COVID cases and hospitalizations continue to decline, Union County now finds itself with the highest incidence rate for COVID in the Upstate over the past two weeks, and second-highest in the state, behind Dillon County. Union County is the only county in the state that DHEC lists as having a high rate of recent disease activity. In addition to the county’s high incidence rate, it has a medium trend in incidence rate over the past two weeks, a distinction Union County shares with Sumter County. Union also has a high percent positive rate over the last two weeks, at 11.2%.

Union County’s vaccination rate remains one of the lowest in the state, but it did pass one milestone. There are now more than 10,000 people in the county who have completed their vaccinations. That represents 42.3% of the eligible population. 48.8% have had at least one shot—11,545.

Hospital numbers are still trending lower, which is good news. There are still many in the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, however. As of this Tuesday, there were 171 people hospitalized with COVID. 42 are in the ICU and 27 on ventilators. Of the 171 in the hospital, 147 are unvaccinated. Of the 42 in the ICU, 40 are unvaccinated, and all 27 on ventilators are unvaccinated.

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