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Union County Historical Society to Hold its First Meeting in Over a Year

Daniel Prince

Dr. Allen Charles will present at the quarterly meeting

Due to COVID, the Union County Historical Society has not held a quarterly meeting in over a year, but that will change this Sunday. The first quarterly meeting of the Union County Historical Society will be held at 3 p.m. this Sunday, March 27, in the meeting room in the basement of the museum. All members are encouraged to attend, and visitors are welcome. The museum will be open for touring following the meeting.

Dr. Allen Charles is the new president of the Society, and he will serve as the speaker for the meeting. He will give a presentation on the Battle of Blackstock and the upcoming reenactment this October of the 1780 battle between the British and the Patriots. Blackstock was the largest battle ever to occur in what is now Union County and is paired with the Musgrove Mill battle site under the ownership of the South Carolina State Parks and Recreation Department.

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