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Union Couple Charged With Intimidating a Witness

Daniel Prince

Suspect's parents cause disturbance in courthouse parking lot

A Union couple has been arrested and charged with intimidation of a witness. The incident happened Monday in the parking lot of the Union County Courthouse. A woman and her friend were at a bond hearing for Edwin Kershaw, whom the woman says had assaulted and tried to kill her. Afterward, they went to the parking lot, where the woman saw her divorce attorney and began talking to her.

While they were talking, the woman said that 52-year-old Joey Rice and 47-year-old Taiwanna Rice, who are the parents of Edwin Kershaw, walked across the parking lot and started cursing and yelling at her. The woman said her attorney got into her vehicle out of fear and called the police. The woman said the Rices threated to beat her, though she said it looked like Mrs. Rice held back Mr. Rice from getting any closer. However, she said they were still yelling threats at her. The victim stated that the Rices were trying to intimidate her into dropping the charges against Kershaw. After being informed that the police had been called, she said Mrs. Rice made one more threat, and they then walked back to their vehicle and drove away.

Sgt. David Lee came to the scene to investigate. The woman and her friend told Lee what had happened, and that this happens all the time after she has to go to court. Her friend said she has attended every court appearance with the victim, and she also said the couple had tried to intimidate the woman every time afterward. Lee talked to the woman’s lawyer, who said she didn’t hear or see anything while inside her vehicle. Lee reviewed camera footage of the parking lot and saw what happened. The woman and her friend came to the Union Public Safety Department to make a written statement.

After that, Public Safety arrested Joey and Taiwanna Rice and charged them with witness intimidation. They were released on a $3000 surety bond.

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