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Union Man Arrested on Drug and Weapon Charges

Daniel Prince

Anonymous tip leads to Christopher Deauntray Gist's arrest

A Union man was arrested Sunday evening on drug and weapon charges. 29-year-old Christopher Deauntray Gist is charged with possession with intent to distribute a Schedule 1 narcotic, possession of a firearm by a convicted violent felon, possession of a stolen handgun, unlawful carrying of a handgun, and resisting arrest.

Deputy Justin Littleton was dispatched to an address on Dana Tara Lane in Buffalo because an anonymous tip stated Gist was going there to sell some pills to someone. A woman met Littleton there and told him that Gist would soon be arriving. She then pointed out Gist’s vehicle. Littleton approached the vehicle and found Gist in the passenger seat. He asked Gist to show his hands, but he did not. Littleton drew his service weapon and again ordered Gist to show his hands. Gist complied and exited the vehicle. Littleton holstered his firearm and told Gist he had outstanding warrants and was under arrest. Gist then ran. Littleton caught him, and the pair struggled as Littleton tried to handcuff Gist. A citizen came and helped Littleton get the cuffs on Gist.

Upon searching Gist, Littleton found a small baggie containing 20 small blue pills believed to be fentanyl. Deputies then walked the path where Gist ran and found a gray and tan Taurus handgun, which came back stolen out of Union County. Gist’s criminal history prohibits him from being in possession of a firearm.

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