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Union Man Faces Domestic Violence and Kidnapping Charge

Daniel Prince

Man accused of threatening woman with sword and threatened to set her on fire

A Union man is charged with 2nd-degree domestic violence and kidnapping in an incident reported on Wednesday. Corporal Cole Stanley met with a walk-in at the sheriff’s office Wednesday. The victim stated her boyfriend, identified as 59-year-old Gilbert Edward Smith, came to her house and started arguing. She said Smith was upset because she had gone back to working. He told the victim she was going with him. When she refused, she said Smith got in her face and screamed at her. He then proceeded to sling her on the floor by her hair, and then took a sword and pointed it toward her and said he would get her if she didn’t get up. She got up and walked with him toward the truck, but she would not get in with him. She said Edwards then picked her up and forced her into the truck.

He then drove her around for approximately 2.5 hours, during which time she said he continued to threaten her. She said he hit her in the head several times, grabbed her by the hair, and at one point, he stopped to grab lighter fluid and a lighter and threatened to set her on fire. She said he told her if she went to the cops, he said he would be waiting for her when she least expected it. He threatened to take her car. He then said that she will love him and stop doubting him. She said he told her he had PTSD and it was her fault that he flipped out and that he can’t control when he flips out. The woman finally convinced him they would work it out, and he took her home and told her to call him on the way to work.

Smith was arrested and booked at the Union County Jail Wednesday afternoon.

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