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Union Salvation Army Helped 60 Children This Christmas

Daniel Prince

Store to undergo renovations next month

Union’s Salvation Army held their Christmas toy distribution yesterday. In all, they helped 60 children this year, which is down from previous years. Captain Christine Kim said that demand for such help was down across the board this year, as the Spartanburg location, which normally serves 1800 to 2000 children were serving just over 1100 this year. Grace United Methodist Church’s Secret Santa program also saw a decrease in those seeking sponsorships, as they had 320 children to sponsor in 2020 but only 207 this year.

According to Captain Kim, part of the reason may be that clients are getting help from other sources this year. Another possible reason is that more people are working this year than last year. That, coupled with the monthly child tax credit that many received this year, could mean that help may not have been needed for Christmas this year.

Whatever the reason, Captain Kim said the Salvation Army was glad to serve the 60 children they distributed gifts to this year. According to local workers at the Union store, the WBCU Truck Full of Toys comprised nearly all the donations the Salvation Army received this year in Union County.

Captain Kim said the Salvation Army also helps with food and other assistance throughout the year. Twice a year, clients can receive a clothing voucher to get clothes for their family. The Salvation Army operates a food pantry, and once a month, their clients can come in to get food. They also get in some federal funds to help toward electric bills from time to time. The Union store is open Monday through Saturday from 9-6, and they accept donations of clothes and other items. You can also drop off canned goods there for their food pantry.

She said the Union store is getting ready to undergo some renovations starting next month. Thanks to a generous grant from the Timken Foundation and some private donations from individuals, they will be able to fix the roof and do some renovations to the outside of the building, as well.

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